How to mount iso files without writing it to CD/DVD ?

If you have downloaded a *.iso file from a website (for example, any Linux OS distribution), you can view the content of the iso file without writing as an iso to a CD or DVD as explained below using mount -o loop.. Please note that a loop device is a pseudo-device which will make an iso file accessible to the user a block device.

Syntax: # mount ISOFILE MOUNT-POINT -o loop
$ su -
# mkdir /tmp/mnt
# mount -o loop /downloads/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso /tmp/mnt
# cd /tmp/mnt
# ls -l

For mounting you need to be logged in as root or you should have sudo permission. Read below to find out how to mount iso file as regular non-root user.

Reference :

How To Mount and View ISO File as Root and Regular User in Linux

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